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Allen and Allen Law Firm Personal injury attorney Anderson US

Allen and Allen Law Firm is a Personal injury attorney in Anderson US. It’s complete address is 1209 N Main St, Anderson, SC 29621 near location 1209 N Main St. It has 37 public reviews, from which 34 are five star reviews and overall 4.7 rating out of 5. Here are all the important details such as operational hours, address, direction, contact details and rating about this business.

Allen and Allen Law Firm Opening Hours

Here is the information about working hours:

  • Friday,:8:30AM to 5:30PM
  • Saturday,: Closed
  • Sunday,: Closed
  • Monday,: 8:30AM to 5:30PM
  • Tuesday,: 8:30AM to 5:30PM
  • Wednesday,: 8:30AM to 5:30PM
  • Thursday,: 8:30AM to 5:30PM

Contact Details

Below you will find the contact information.

Phone Number: (864) 226-6184


Allen and Allen Law Firm Map location Address

The complete address and map location of  this business:

1209 N Main St, Anderson, SC 29621

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Near Location: 1209 N Main St

Services Offered 

All the services offered by are mentioned down below.

Personal injury attorney


  • 5 stars: 34
  • 4 stars: 0
  • 3 stars: 0
  • 2 stars: 0
  • 1 stars: 3

Overall Ratings: 4.7

Public Reviews

Here is what people saying about this business:

Angela Campbell : I’m posting for my friend, who first hired an attorney who made a lot of promises only to then ignore her wishes and try to settle for a very small amount. After firing that attorney, she was referred to Josh Allen, who listened to what she wanted to accomplish and then managed to get almost three times the initial amount in settlement that her first attorney offered. The biggest difference is that Mr. Allen listened to her and seemed to care, and he was honest about her chances from the beginning. Would highly recommend.


Craig Cahaly : Chuck and Josh Allen are as professional as it gets! I would recommend them to anyone who wants an attorney that puts your case as a top priority!!


Marti Jones : When I hired this firm, it was at the suggestion of a friend who used them for her divorce. I was pleased from the beginning with the level of professionalism this firm exuded. While my divorce was not a typical “cookie cutter”, “year separation and we call it good” kind of thing it was handled with care, and forethought throughout the year it took to finalize. Several times, opposing counsel came into the courtroom unprepared, and obviously not informed, of the shenanigans of their client. I never had this problem with Josh Allen. Each time there was a court date, he was prepared. All appearances before a judge, he was prepared. Seeing opposing counsel so impromptu and my attorney being on the ball made me feel incredibly safe. I never had to worry about missing information, never had to worry about thinking I wasn’t being supported by my attorney and I never had to worry about my attorney being caught off guard. (For all those seeking counsel- this is what being 100% honest with your attorney gets you) He had fully prepared for the case and was well aware of what the plan was going into court. I further appreciated that my attorney was able to anticipate how judges react to the cases before them. This was a positive in that I had the tendency of being an emotional nervous wreck yet was explained how that would look before the judge and was able to right myself before giving testimony. Josh Allen was able to intelligently describe what I needed to do in light of the “curveballs” being thrown at my case. His calm, professional demeanor was uplifting and contagious.
I was enlightened by the fact that the phone was always answered yet a bit disappointed in the treatment I received from one of the receptionists in this office as it came across as judgmental and crass. I found it comforting that there was, more times than not, another person answering the phone, that was able to hear my concerns, and would listen to them with an open ear. Being an individual that has never been through a divorce, much less one that I describe as “psychological warfare”, I was scared, confused by the general flow of proceedings, and often times fearful of my very existence. It was nice to have the opportunity when I called to bypass the condemnatory individual and speak to another that at least came across as understanding.
I do, and will continue to, highly suggest this law firm and Josh Allen as an attorney.


Roy Freeman : By far one of the best law firms I have ever had the pleasure of dealing with! Very professional and informational. Paralegals are always available for any questions and concerns. And the best part was I got everything in family court that I asked for with no problem! Will definitely be using Josh Allen again if I ever need any legal help!


Susan Mosley : I went to another lawyer other than this law firm and he wasted a year and a half of my life and made me feel like I had no case when I was suffering terribly. I came to Allen and Allen law firm and not only did they accept my case but they settled out of court with a very decent outcome $$$.
I appreciate them so much!!


Best car accident lawyer anderson sc

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