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Morgan & Morgan Personal injury attorney Atlanta US

Morgan & Morgan is a Personal injury attorney in Atlanta US. It’s complete address is 191 Peachtree St NE #4200, Atlanta, GA 30303 near location 191 Peachtree St NE #4200. It has 1151 public reviews, from which 947 are five star and overall 4.6 rating out of 5. Here are all the important details such as operational hours, address, direction, contact details and rating about this business.

Morgan & Morgan Opening Hours

Here is the information about working hours:

  • Thursday,:Open 24 hours
  • Friday,: Open 24 hours
  • Saturday,: Open 24 hours
  • Sunday,: Open 24 hours
  • Monday,: Open 24 hours
  • Tuesday,: Open 24 hours
  • Wednesday,: Open 24 hours

Contact Details

Below you will find the contact information.

Phone Number: (404) 965-8811


Morgan & Morgan Map location Address

The complete address and map location of  this business:

191 Peachtree St NE #4200, Atlanta, GA 30303

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Near Location: 191 Peachtree St NE #4200

Services Offered 

All the services offered by Morgan & Morgan are mentioned down below.

Personal injury attorney

Civil law attorney

Elder law attorney

Employment attorney


  • 5 stars: 947
  • 4 stars: 88
  • 3 stars: 18
  • 2 stars: 15
  • 1 stars: 83
Overall Ratings: 4.6

Public Reviews

Here is what people saying about this business:

Rice Cost : I would highly recommend this law firm to anyone who needs support and direction when settling a personal injury. They were fast, efficient and most importantly honest and transparent about the process, financials and timeline of settling my mom and daughter’s accident claim. I actually chose Morgan because I lived in Florida when he was with another law firm (Morgan, Colling and Gilbert if I recall). Daddy Morgan is TRULY “For the People” and reaps the benefits, as he should. (Trust me… I have paid some shiesty so called “attorneys” that did NOTHING for me. It is almost as if I watched the Morgan family grow. In fact the youngest son is probably my age. I am happy to know that entire family chose to go into the law practice to support Mr. Morgan, I just found out that even the Queen Morgan is an attorney. They all look good while doing it, WOW:) I wish they did bankruptcies and educational law, but there is power in specialty. I hope I never have to BUT if I ever have to settle an injury claim again. I will choose Morgan & Morgan every time. Farewell Morgan Family Law Firm.


diane hill : I spoke with Reagan and she was delightful! She took her time and explained things to me and was very knowledgeable of the process. I look forward to the excellent service that is sure to follow.


Amanda Barlett : I believe Morgan & Morgan is the best at winning workman’s comp as well as being effective and efficient. I’m glad I decided on your firm. I researched the company and it sounds legit compared to the few others I looked in to. THANK YOU MORGAN & MORGAN. I look forward to working with you and your team! Have a blessed day.


Nicole Whittaker : This is my first time I ever fell like that in a store of all is the medicine one but so far u guys great


destiny hill : By far the worst treatment I’ve ever experienced! I am a returning client with this law firm. I also brought my sister to them. We were hit by a drunk driver, and two others. I sustained a brain injury that cause me to be legally blind. I am also an above knee amputee from this accident. I thought the victimization was over but I have attorneys and case manager who can care less about what I’ve been through. First my case manager quit then my lawyer quit. I was assigned a new lawyer and case manager. My new case manager quit. That makes a total a 3 people quitting on my case alone. Within 2 years. This has affected my case tremendously but my attorney didn’t feel the need to lower the lawyers fee. It is not my fault that people were quitting but it is affecting my case. But no one think I should be compensated. Not for the people! They are for themselves! Did not have this treatment in 2017. Definitely do not recommend! @Morgan & Morgan


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