Terraria is fun when you know how to play it. Today I am sharing with you 7 advance tips, ideas and tricks that will improve your game-play. Even if you are an expert or new to Terraria this will help you a lot. So here are the seven amazing tips and trick to Terraria.

7 Advance Tips and Ideas to Improve Terraria Strategy Guide

7 Advance Tips and Ideas to Improve Terraria Strategy

1. Keep a clean inventory with locked items that you commonly use so that they aren’t quick stacked into chests. You are going be picking up tons of loot. So opening your inventory doesn’t pause the game. The last thing you want to happen is getting caught off guard because you were digging through piles of junk in your inventory looking for something well underground by holding alt and left clicking items. You can lock them so that they won’t be put in chests when using quick stack.

2. Go fishing and grow herbs so you can make great potions. Lots of players completely ignore alchemy because the fishing aspect can seem like a pain. But with fishing you are being able to make the right potions can make many hard bosses fights significantly easier. The endurance iron skin rage and wrath potions are all simple to make by attending to a small garden as well as fishing in the underground corruption and crimson for just a few minutes.

3. Block doors with furniture during invasions by placing a piece of furniture in the way of the door from the inside enemies. That would normally bash the door open. We will be stuck uselessly banging on the door until you open it yourself. This is extremely useful for both keeping yourself and NPCs safe during an invasion. It will make them completely safe because they could still be stupid and open the door or enemies could cast spells that still reach in. But this is much better than having a nun barricaded door.

4. Always have a backup set of gear that’s good enough. It would let you reach your old gear if you were to die on medium core difficulty, no matter how safe you think you are. It takes accidentally setting off one explosive trap after a hard fight to lose everything make sure that you have some decent armor and movement based accessories at home to help you get back there grappling hooks climbing claws and wings will all help you greatly in this.

5. Carry a piggy bank with you at all times if you’re gonna be doing something dangerous that you think might get you killed. You can put all the best loot you found into your piggy bank. So that you’ll still have it even if you died by having another piggy bank back at home. You can access all of the loot that you got as it may help you get back to where you died.

6. Fish in the ocean biome to get a river shark early in the game. It’s an extremely powerful pick axe that can mine materials like hailstone and even cobalt long before. You’d normally have the metals to make a strong enough pick. It is a pretty rare fish but it’s absolutely worth putting the time into getting. This only took 10 minutes to get.

7. Carry a pressure plate around, so you can see traps easily by their wiring. Before all it takes is one bad trap and you could be dead. So one of the best ways to spot them before you run into them is by simply carrying a pressure plate the brightly colored wires that will appear around the traps will be extremely easy to spot keeping you safe.

I hope you will find these tips and tricks useful. comment below and let us know what you think about this article.