Terraria has a lot of option to customize the game as per your taste. To talk about customization you can download mods, modded maps, character, item spawn, texture packs etc. Today, I will take you through Terraria modded adventure map.

As name suggests Terraria modded adventure map is all about the adventure. There are tons of options to choose from.

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Highlights of Terraria Modded Adventure Map

+ Character

+ Zombie

+ Nurse

+ Merchant

+ Bosses

+ Waterfalls

+ Hotland

+ Houses

+ Demolitionist

+ Mechanic

+ Goblin Merchant

+ Arms Dealer

How to Download and install Adventure Map

To download modded map just go to the link at the end of this post. Just download the file from the link.

It is zip file. You need to unzip this file before the next step. You can use any unzipping software or you can use a free tool 7zip to go further.

After unzipping the file, copy all the files( you can use shortcut Ctrl+ A and ctrl + c to do this) and find your game folder.

Before doing any changes to your game take the backup first. 

By default its under my document/My Games/Terraria/World

Just paste the all files under the world folder.

And your are successfully download and installed the adventure map.

Now just start you game.

You need to select the world from the options in menu.

In this article I added the 2 adventure maps.

Yes, 2 maps for you. There is a modded map and a non-modded version as well.

You can download both maps from download link below.

Download Terraria modded adventure map


Download Terraria adventure map (No mod)


Download Terraria modded adventure map

As the shown in the above image. If you have already download other maps for Terraria. All maps will show up here. You can simply choose you favorite map and you can continue your game-play.

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If any reason your world is not showing up there. Then make sure you are pasting the downloaded map in the right folder.

My document/My Games/Terraria/World