This Terraria beginners guide will help you to understand this game. Terraria is a Sandbox type 2D action game. Where you can freely build and drill.
There are elements that can customize appearance, randomly created world, repeated day and night Terraria is  feature rich game that you can freely change various items.

The aim of the player is freedom from the mining to the construction of the city. The journey seeking still unexpected scenery, and the way of the Shura seeking strength.

It is a game often expressed as 2D version Minecraft. But unlike Minecraft which was rather the main building. It is characterized by strong elements such as fight against bosses and adventure.

In addition, this game has on-line multiplayer also known as cooperative play, co-op or PvP function. Extensive range of enjoyment methods are sold, including cooperation or competition in real time, adventure, architecture, battle against enemies and so on.

Terraria is a game to operate with mouse and keyboard, but it also has official support from v1.3.1 to game pad. You can also use the pen tablet, trackball, slide pad etc. instead of the mouse.

Basically use the mouse etc. to operate the cursor, make decision / selection / action by clicking, and operate the characters and tools with the keyboard.

Make A character in Terraria 

build the Character in terraria

To start with Terraria first thing you need to build a character. Here you will get the following body parts to create and customize your character.

  • Hair (hairstyle, hair color)
  • Eyes (eye color)
  • Skin (skin color)
  • Clothes (Apparel)
  • Male / Female (Gender)
  • Softcore / Mediumcore / Hardcore (Death penalty)

Now what is Softcore, Mediumcore, Hardcore

Softcore is the default setting. It drops half of your money at the time of death. If you deposit it in somewhere. It will not be dropped. It is a good idea to select this for the first time playing and in most cases if not binding.

Mediumcore drops all items including accessories at the time of death. This game has a very strong influence on the degree of freedom of action by items. Because opportunities for many enemies to die are increased considerably as the game progresses. It is extremely troublesome to choose easily from standards such as Minecraft.

Hardcore can not be revived at the time of death. The character data itself is deleted as it is. It is no longer a kind of tie-up play, it will be very difficult to enjoy this mode from the beginner’s state.

No matter how difficult it is selected, there is no change in the appearance of enemies or items during the game. Softcore can enjoy all the elements in the game. Money and items that have been dropped can be collected at the point of death after resurrection.

However, in the case of death in a lava zone the dropped money or items including the accessories may melt. In the case of multiplayer, the dropped items mix with those of other players. You are supposed to be taken away by the player who came to the place.

When you are done, click Create and complete the name by entering its name. Let’s move on to the world after the character creation is over.

Make the world in Terraria

After choosing a character, next step is to make a world to be adventurous. The setting item here is only to select the size of the world from Small / Medium / Large. Since the topography etc. are created at random when creating, there is no same world as one.

Moreover, this game is independent of world data and character data. It is also possible to hang a couple of worlds with one character, or reclaim one world with multiple characters.
Also, even for maps created for Single Player. You can invite friends if you choose when hosting Multi Player.

Terraria beginners guide
  • Even Small has enough size for play alone. It should have various topographies and environments. As the depletion of resources is almost impossible. This is recommended for first time playing or architectural purposes.
  • Medium is over twice the size of Small. The topography and environment are correspondingly larger and the number is increasing. Although it may be hard to move somewhat in the first play. It is perfect for players who want voluminous adventure without suffering it.
  • Large is four times as large as the size of Small, and it is set for multi-player of a large number. There is a possibility that the traveling time may be lengthened when playing by one person. So it is not too late even after becoming unsatisfied with Medium. Of course the load on the PC will also increase.

Landscape in Terraria

The world which is completely different from the world of this image should surely spread. Its basically a moderate flat land is to be the starting point of the game. The starting point is usually a bright forest covered with green grass. But occasionally it may be in the middle of the snow field.

In extremely rare cases, luck may start with unclean land. Where purple grass spreads and crimson ground where red grass spreads. Then the difficulty level of the early stage jumps up. So in the case of beginners, It may be safe to recreate it.

When you come to this world first thing you should do is adventuring around and digging the ground is important. It is also important to build a home base. Even if the sun sets and surrounded by ferocious monsters. If you have a house you can reassure the night with confidence.

If you create lots of comfortable rooms. People who will help adventure and architecture will gather. Therefore, It’s recommend you to build a house first.

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How to make a house in Terraria

 First, cut down the trees growing in the neighborhood with Copper Axe on hand and get about 100 Woods. If you continue clicking on the most fundamental part. It is possible to cut down quietly from the root.

Slime etc will come when you continue logging. But Gel that they drop will be Torch’s essential item. The weapon of the initial equipment Copper Shorts word there is a Copper Axe and Copper Pickaxe . You beat them even though wielding.

If you want to organize the items picked up. You can check the possessed item list by opening the Menu screen with the Esc key.  Although it is not reflected in the image. You can also create items etc. on the Menu screen.

make a house in terraria

→ When you decide where you want to build a house, make a framework by leveling. The tree is Copper Axe, but most blocks and background accessories are mined and destroyed using Copper Pick axe. Using Shift + Left click to select the appropriate tool will make the work much smoother.

When the leveling is over, make a frame of the house. The standard size is inside 7×5 vertical blocks or more. The shape does not have to be rectangular.  But it will not be recognized as a house if you leave a gap.

Even if it is too big it will not be accepted. But in that case it is okay to divide the room into rooms. You can select Wood, Dirt Block, etc. and place it by left clicking. However, it is not possible to install it unless it is next to some kind of block. If you fail, you can recover it with Copper Pick axe any number of times. So let’s install it for the time being.

→ Once the frame is complete, the next step is working table. When you set up a work bench. You can create more different kinds of items in the vicinity. Work Bench can open the menu screen by pressing the Esc button on the keyboard and create it from the list displayed in the lower left.

After selecting an item, you can create it by clicking. The material required to be displayed on the right side of the selected item is required, and 10 pieces of Wood is required for Work Bench. After creation, let’s set the item and place it on the ground with left click.

Create sophisticated items near the workbench. For the time being you will need a wall and a hammer. The way of making is the same as creating a workbench. Just click on what you want to make from the list displayed in the lower left of the screen.

Next step is to  put a wall on the background of the house. Natural soil walls, Grass walls are not allowed to be houses. So if there is a natural wall break it with a hammer. Even if it looks the same Dirt Wall you can use it for making a house even if you created and pasted it yourself.

Even if it protrudes from the frame. It can be collected with a hammer. For pasting / removing walls, an auto cursor that can be switched ON / OFF with the Ctrl key is useful. If the background wall can not be broken or it can not be stuck in the ground. It may go well if it collapses like connecting the road from the place where the background is visible.

→ Next, break the frame 3 blocks in height with Copper Pick axe and leave space to set up the door. We will set up a door made with Work Bench in the vacant space. If you can not install it properly please try to click on the 1st block or the 3rd block in the vertical 3 block space.

Also create and install the Wooden Table, the Wooden Chair, the torch in the same way. You can place it freely if you are in the house. But be careful not to open the door inside if you set it right next to the door.

For Completion open with the ESC key Let’s switch to the housing section by clicking the house button at the right end of the menu screen.

Arrange the equipment in Terraria

It is safe for a while if a house is built! I am in a very safe place right now. Why do not you go out exploring for a moment? Terraria is a game that collects items by digging anyway and defeating it.

If you extend your legs from the initial point to the left and right, various environments are spreading. You can dig up to the deepest underground. However, because the enemy’s strength also changes according to the environment and depth. Procurement of equipment that can sufficiently fight becomes important.

So let’s introduce useful items here at the very beginning. Besides, if you can create wooden armor. You will not be bothered a bit if your opponent is weak slime.

Dig up the ground in Terraria

Start for adventure once equipment is in place. It is still dangerous to go out on the ground where various environments and darkness of the night await. Before that, in order to get more powerful weapons and equipment. Why do not you dig through your feet and collect materials.

Red mushrooms grow on the surface of the earth with ordinary mushrooms. It can also be used as a direct recovery agent, and become a material for recovery agents. Furthermore, blue mushrooms that make deep underground clusters are used as materials for advanced recovery drugs. Hit it when you see the pot in the cave.Coins and potions, Rope and even Shuriken and Bomb are included.

Treasure chests sometimes found in caves and the like may have rare accessories and a large amount of coins. If you open the box with right click and you get all the contents. you will be able to collect the box itself with Tsurushi. So please take it back to the warehouse.

Jewels can not be found easily, but it is a material of Hook that can be hooked on a wall or ceiling and move. It can be used to create some powerful equipment, torch and decorative blocks of special colors.

Crystal Heart is very rare for this to appear. By collecting and using it, the character’s heart increases by 1.

Enrich house in Terraria

House architecture is also one of Terraria ‘s great pleasures. It is good to decorate items picked up, try out various building materials, make good new furniture. Why do not you repeatedly trial and error and build your own house?

Also, as more rooms are recognized as residences, new NPCs will come to our house depending on progress. Making lots of rooms and attracting a lot of NPCs will help you a lot in adventure.