Today at home of Terraria i will give you my 6 best Moon Lord weapons/ items. The Moon Lord was introduced in the 1.3 update and was made to be the final boss in vanilla Terraria. It is an extremely powerful boss that unleashes a barrage of highly damaging attacks on the player.

Console players are about some experience of 1.3 update for the first time with mobile players following shortly after when defeated. The moon will always drop one of its nine items which are capable of completely devastating most things in the game. Here is the guide what he best Terraria moon lord drops.

Best Moon Lord items in Terraria

6. Rainbow crystal staff

When use this century summon places a single diamond that floats in mid air. It attacks with an array of different colored beams spider enemies which explode dealing massive area of effect damage. This items excels during events where enemies tend to bunch up.

Especially if the player is fighting the pillars again for more fragments. if you’re wearing armor from the old ones army event that grants extrasensory summons you can summon more than one of these devastating crystals. Just make sure to spread them out a bit for maximum carnage.

6 best Moon Lord weapons in Terraria

5. Meowmere/Star Wrath

Both Meowmere/Star Wrath are really good items. They both have their ups and downs. They work out really good and I could not really put one over the other. With a base damage of 200 Meowmere real strength is close combat. It can be pretty good with a little practice but it may take some time.

Star Wrath damage is weaker than Meowmere but projectiles are really excellent at doing a lot of damage. They’re perfect for DPS. so in a way they’re kind of like the opposite of each other.

But not exactly but one’s really good at close range while the other one does a really good job at ranged. Either way it all depends on your play style but these are two really great swords and I feel they fit well at number 5.

4. Lunar Flare

This has 100 base damage. It’s actually a really good items as a matter of fact the projectiles from. This actually pass through blocks and hit at the point where the mouse cursor is. This is actually up there with the last prism which is really interesting but the rapid-fire and the ability to go through blocks makes it really good.

The only downside to is that it takes up a lot of Mana. So you have to prepare for a long drawn-out battle just in case because it will go through Mana really really quick. But other than that I feel like this is a pretty good spot for it.

3. Terrarian

Terrarian actually is slightly weaker than the Meowmere. The base damage is 119. But the projectiles do make it pretty strong and actually does out DPS the Meowmere sword. It is very good. What is also interesting is that all Yoyos in terraria for the most part have a critical chance of 4%.

But with the terrarian the critical strike chance it’s actually increased to 14% which makes this really standout. Having dropped from the Moon Lord of course this would be the best Yoyos in the entire game.

2. Space Dolphin Machine Gun(S.D.M.G)

The SDMG also known as the Space Dolphin Machine Gun is one of the best guns. It has 77 base damage with a 50% chance of not consuming ammo which actually stacks really well. With other abilities and buffs this is actually really comparable with a chain gun.


It is slightly stronger, but it’s also slightly slower as well by just a tick. It should be noted that the SDMG has a 14% critical chance which makes it stand out compared to the usual 4% for the most guns.

To get the most out of it you’re probably better off using an endless musket pouch because this can actually chew through a lot of ammunition really quick even with the 50% chance of not consuming ammo it flies through ammunition.

1. Last Prism

This mage items is 100 base damage. But the biggest thing is as it starts off with a wide area of attack that slowly shrinks down at the smallest point. It actually does 300 damage per hit.

What is really interesting is that this hits 12 times per second meaning. If you could do that with 300 damage that’s a lot of dealing that will take down a boss or enemy really quick.

Much like the lunar flare though you better bring a lot of Mana potions because you will go through a ton of Mana very fast. This thing doesn’t just drink it. It gulps it so you’ll have to be prepared for ring probably two or three stacks if need.

This is my pick for 6 best Moon Lord items. What do you think? Let me know in comments. For more information about you are favorite game, visit again.