Terraria NPCs or non-player characters are a huge part of Terraria PC, console and mobile. They will move into your base and provide items and services to you once met the certain criteria.

Terraria 1.3 update added a lot of functionality to NPCs allowing them to do things like fight monsters and chat to each other. Some NPCs are really useful and some are not. So lets see how useful they can be for a player in Terraria.

Top 5 Terraria NPCs Guide

Terraria NPCs top 5

Witch Doctor

The witch doctor will only spawn once the queen bee has been defeated in the jungle. He sells the powerful Tiki armor for summoners and the useful imbuing station for melee characters.

But the main reason he made in the list because of the powerful leaf wings at the beginning of hard mode. You simply have to make a house in the jungle. Move the Witch doctor there and at night time, you can precious the leaf wings for one platinum.

These wings are incredibly powerful considering how easy they are to acquire and they can last you for most of hard-mode.

Party Girl

She requires 8 NPCs on both console and mobile and 13 NPCs on PC to even have a chance to move in after. These criteria are met each morning. She has a two and a half percent chance to spawn, meaning on average she will spawn after around 40 game days.

So it is good to make a house for her nice and early on. The party girl sells mostly decorative and fun items such as fireworks, beach balls and rockets but in the Terraria 1.3 update she got an amazing item the bubble.

This amazing block type is unique in Terraria it acts like a wall and it can be passed through and yet it can be used to suspend liquids in midair.

This gives the player many AFK farm and boss arena possibilities with a popular one giving cute fish on goose as you fly around.

The Merchant

The merchant moves in when the player has 50 or more silver in inventory. The merchant sells useful early game items such as healing and mana potions torches ropes and the bug net.

The main reason the merchant is on this list however is that he has the ability to double or even triple your inventory space. This is achieved by the piggy bank and safe items that he sells.

These incredible items allow you to store way more loot when you are out spelunking by quickly dumping excess loot in them and continuing to explore.

Additionally, you can store your money in them to keep it safe from dropping. When you die.

The Mechanic

Once you have been playing Terraria for a while, you may want to start building some amazing mob farms and boss arenas. So the mechanic comes in. The mechanic is available after the player has defeated Skeletron and has to be rescued from the dungeon.

She sells an assortment of wiring items such as pressure plate switches wrenches and wire. This enables the player to do simple things such as wiring up a heart statue to more complex things such as actuated traps in their boss arenas.

This NPC is a must for any person wanting to make adventure maps.

The Goblin Tinkerer

The Ascend PC is unlocked after the player defeats the goblin army invasion. After that he must be rescued from the cavern layer by right-clicking him.

He sells the immensely useful tinker’s workshop which allows the player to combine accessories into more powerful items.

But perhaps the goblins greatest feature is his reforge option. The player can reforge most weapons to increase their damage, critical strike and size and accessories to provide bonus to things like damage defense and critical strike.

Here are some honorable mentions. The guide and NPC that spawns along with the player in a new world can give you information about every crafting recipe in the game. As the player gains experience in Terraria.

However the guides usefulness drops off dramatically. The nurse is an NPC that can fully heal the character instantly for a small amount of cash.

If you have Auto pores enabled, this can dramatically increase your chances of defeating difficult bosses. Although many players find this to be a cheesy tactic.

Terraria NPCs FAQs

How many NPCs are in Terraria?

There is a different number of NPCs for Desktop, Console PS4, Mobile and 3DS. In desktop version there are 23 NPCs and in Hardmode it becomes 30. In console version PS4 you will find 22 NPCs and in Hardmode it adds 7 more NPCs in it. The mobile version of Terraria has 21 NPCs which further have 6 more NPCs for Hardmode. 3 NPCs from desktop and console and 2 NPCs from mobile version does not move across the Terraria Houses.

How many town NPCs are in Terraria?

There are 16 pre hard-mode Town NPCs in Terraria. In hard-mode there are 7 town NPCs in Terraria.

Can you move NPCs in Terraria?

Yes, you can move NPCs as you want. But there are some NPCs which will not move in Houses. If a House is destroyed while NPC is in it, then NPC will move out and he will not stop his movement until House will restored.

How do you assign NPCs to your house in Terraria?

Before you assign NPCs to your house, your house must complete minimum requirements. To assign NPCs to your house you just need  NPCs faces to assign them a room in house.

What are the requirements for an NPC house in Terraria?

The House must be 10*4 tiles (B*H). Apart from this it should have side walls. Other items like light source, Table, Chair and doors are must for NPCs Terraria House. You can use wooden surface as well in house but at-least one solid block is required for NPCs.