There are alot of talking about Terraria bow, Terraria bows vs guns, Terraria arrows. Today we will list down the 5 Terraria bows best to worst. But here is the special mention of the Sharanga bow. The Sharanga is a pre hardmode bow on console and mobile editions.

Top 5 Terraria bows

5. Shadowflame Bow

This is new of patched 1.3 and it drops from goblins summoners. This acts much like the shrine go but instead it shoots shadowflame arrows that cause the shadow flame debuff.

5 Terraria bows best to worst

This can be a pretty nice bow it may take a little while to farm during the goblin invasion, but this bow will definitely help you in hard mode.

4. Daedalus Storm Bow

It is difficult to put this bow at 4 spot. But this is only because it comes down to sheer ammo that you are using. If you are using regular arrows then this is a nice solid number for it.

But if you are using the whole arrows then this can be a solid number two or one easy. It is dropped by hallow mimics and as you use it rains down arrows from the sky with merciless intent.

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Think of this thing as star fury on steroids lots of steroids. How awesome is this bow. It can actually last you till endgame.

3. Phantasm

If you like raining arrows the phantasm is for you. This is a post lunatic called this item that you create by using 18 for text fragments. It does have auto fire by the way and as you shoot one arrow four arrows come out at once.

So now you are getting more per arrow. It should also be noted as you get each successful hit on an enemy more arrows come out and follow the target that was initially hit.

It should also be noted that this bow has a two-thirds chance of not consuming ammunition which makes it a great ammo saver.

2. Tsunami

This bow does have a high base damage of 60 and it also shoots five closely grouped arrows per shot. But it only consumes one arrow at a time combine this with lumen on arrows to be the Recker of anything. As they are insanely powered with this.

It should be noted though that enemies that turn invisible after taking damage won’t be affected by the other four arrows. So DPS on that regard is a little bit lowered. This bow though is still an awesome boss killer without a doubt.

1. Pulse Bow

This bow is super awesome, but the problem is that you have to get it from the traveling merchant, which can be quite random. This bow has a base damage of 65 with a decent fan speed.

It should be noted that after taking any arrow type and turn it into a white projectile much like that sure anga works. But without the debuff here is where things get a little interesting because on Console mobile editions of the game this will actually be slower and effective on gravity.

While on the PC version gravity has no effect. The Tsunami and phantasm can out DPS this bow. It should be noted that the piercing and ricochet ability of the arrows makes this very invaluable.

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Whether it is in tight spaces like the dungeon trying to find Scott Islands or just during boss fights and while it is gotten off a traveling merchant. You must have defeated plantera first for it to appear randomly.

So this is all about 5 Terraria bows best to worst. What do you think about Terraria bows, let us know in the comments.

Terraria Bows FAQs

How many bows are in Terraria?

There are total 29 bows in Terraria for Desktop and Console version. Mobile and 3DS version have 23 bows in Terraria. There are few bows which auto-fires and these can be obtain later in hard mode.

Which is the weakest Bow in Terraria?

Wooden bow is the weakest bow in Terraria. It has base damage of 4. To craft wooden bow all you need is 10 woods and it can be crafted at work bench.

Which is the strongest bow in Terraria?

Pulse bow is the strongest bow in Terraria when it comes to damage. It has the higest damage of 65. To get pulse bow in Terraria first you need to defeat Plantera. Apart from this you can get it from Traveling Merchant with 45 gold coins