In Terraria when it comes to Terraria weapons. User have tons of options to chose from. Many times it become difficult to pick the right gun. What if I give you introduction about best Terraria Guns. Sounds graet. Today we will look at the best Terraria weapons and guns from best to worst.

Best Terraria weapons

5. Tactical Shotgun

This gun drops from tactical skeletons. This is the upgraded version of the shotgun. It has auto firing and it has six spread shots per bullet when used. This would be the chlorophyll a bullet simply because the accuracy is insanely awesome. And with that combo they can easily wreck a lot of bosses.

Terraria Top 5 Guns best to worst Best Terraria weapons

Especially Duke fish Ron if anything the most annoying part about getting, the tactical shotgun is just that trying to get it it’s a bit of an uncommon drop. So you may have to farm for a while.

4. Sniper

Post plain terror dungeon number for another gun coming from the post plant our dungeon is the sniper rifle. Now this continues to be the most highly crittendon currently like the tactical shotgun.

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This is another uncommon drop so you are gonna have to farm some skeleton snipers in order to get this. It may take a bit combine this with a sniper scope and not only do you get a 10% damage and 10% critical strike chance increase, but a visual increase as well for ranged by holding down the right mouse button. This gun is still king.

3. Vortex Beater 

This is a new gun the vortex beater. This is a post lunatic koltes gun that actually is very interesting because as you shoot bullets it’ll also spray out explosives as well. These explosives do damage and do high knock back.

This can help unless the mob is knocked back resistant. This gun is auto fire but there base damage of 63 and was later lowered to 50 which is a little disappointing. The gun is still very useful and while it performs better on bigger mobs and bosses that does smaller.

It has a 66% chance not to consume ammo which makes this thing a lifesaver on ammunition. The gun itself can be a bit inaccurate, so if you want to maximize your damage it’s best to use glorified bullets with this gun.

2. Chain Gun

This gun is from the frost moon the chain gun. It does a ton of damage maybe not as much as the vortex beaner, but this does fire insanely fast if not the fastest gun in the game.

What makes this gun annoying is trying to acquire one during the frost moon. In which it’s a semi rare drop from the Santa nk1 also known as the same tank. Once again the bullets are far from random directions so to maximize damage, it’s best to use glorified bullets the gun does have 50% chance to not consume ammo though so that will help.

1. S.D.M.G

At the top is the DMG or the space dolphin machine gun. It is an ode to edge of space a nice little reference they had where that game actually references Terraria as well.

It has a very insanely fast speed, which is right next to the chain gun. This two also has 50% chance not to consume ammo but regardless with its insanely fast use speed it doesn’t take long for a stack of bullets to be used up.

It should also be noted that this gun has a 14% critical strike chance opposed to the normal 4% which you see on other guns. It does have a 1 in 9 chance of dropping after you defeat the Moon Lord.

Let us know in the comments which is your favorite gun/weapon in Terraria.

What is the best weapon on Terraria?