Terraria is all about dinging, crafting and building. Today i will share top 5 building tips tricks & ideas before entering to Hardmode in Terraria. These can be incredibly helpful when you first start hardmode.

Top 5 building tips & tricks in Terraria

1. Power of Fishing Farms

Fishing is a powerful shortcut to get a bunch of great items from crates. It also gives material to craft hard mode potions such as life force and heart reach. Which massively boost your survive ability versus bosses. Did you know unless a fishing spot has at least 300 connected blocks of water.

top 5 building tips

You actually get a penalty to your fishing power. A great trick to easily craft a full power fishing spot anywhere in the world is to dig a rectangle shape in the ground that is 15 blocks deep and 20 blocks across. Which will give you exactly 300 blocks when filled with water to easily fill this hole with water.

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You shape in blocks above the hole hammer one side, so it’s a half height and then use a single bucket of water on the hammered block. The bucket will keep refilling itself and  also still filling your brand-new fishing spot.

2. Use of Sky Bridge

Until you can access teleporters traveling across. The overworld can be pretty slow going. That is why setting up a simple sky bridge made of platforms or better yet a roller coaster will allow you to quickly zoom across your world without having to fight enemies along the way.

You can even place platforms under your roller coaster if you’d like to collect fallen stars and pick them up as you ride by. The jungle has a few excellent resources that you will likely want to get your hands on as early as possible in hard mode.

3. Trick to Mini jungle farm

By creating straight lines of bad blocks with a three block gap between them, so you can walk through them. Then plant jungle seeds will allow you to spawn all sorts of useful things.

Firstly, you can collect powerful jungle bait from all the plants that naturally grow on the jungle grass. Secondly, you will be able to collect two light fruits once the neck bosses have been defeated.

lastly, you can even spawn plant terror bulbs for easy plantera battles right near the comfort of your base. One of the many issues players have until plantera is defeated is the rapid spread of the hallowed crimson and corruption in their worlds.

4. Use of Hellevators

A simple solution to dig elevators on either side of your base as well as areas in your world. You’d like to protect such as the jungle to stop the spread of corrupted blocks. Simply create a six block wide tunnel going downwards preferably all the way to the underworld if you can manage it.

Did you know the explosion width of a bomb is exactly six tiles. So if you aim them well you can blast a neat elevator in no time. Another option is to purposely spread the hallow around areas. You want to protect as the hello is a far nicer biome to live near then the crimson and corruption. The hollow surface enemies are relatively easy to kill.

5. Soul Farm Terraria

Collecting Souls and enemy resources is the most important things when you first enter hard mode. A hard bird souls in mimic farm this can initially be difficult due to the high damage that enemy’s deal.

But with simple farm design you will have tons of loot in no time. What you will need to do is dig out a massive rectangle in the cavern layer. Which is roughly 170 blocks wide and 100 blocks high.

 Soul Farm

In the middle on the ground you want to build a small pyramid with hammered edges, so enemies can easily walk up the sides and jump in the middle which you’ll fill with a thin layer of lava. Since 1.3 bio mimics may cause you troubles as they can face through blocks but this is still highly efficient and you will get you tons of resources.

There you have top 5 building tips tricks & ideas before Hardmode in Terraria. what’s your favorite things to do before the beginning of hard mode and if you have got somethings to build in terraria that not on the list let me know in the comments below.