Terraria Inventory Editor 1.4 is one of the most searchable items on the internet and gaming forums. Today you will get all the information about Terraria inventory editor and how to get most from it. After Today’s tutorial, Terraria will be not the same for you. It will give the new look to your character in gameplay.

Basically, Inventory editor is a software or a web-based application that let you customize your character in Terrraria. You can not only change the skin or hair color. It is like to mod Terraria. It will also give you the option to play with the look of your armor and other items.

Unfortunately, there is not an official terraria invedit download available. But luckily we have some good options to choose from.

Today we will look at the two ways to customize the Terraria player. First one is software that you can install on your computer. The second option is a web-based(a website) that gives you the ability to save character on your computer.

Before doing any changes make sure you take backup and save it on your computer.

1. Terraria Inventory Editor 1.4 Download

To start with inventory software. First, you need to download the ZIP file. Extract the file anywhere on your computer.

Install the Setup .exe file as you install other software. Below screenshots help you to compete with this task. Open the software and you will see a startup screen.

App NameTerraria Inventory Editor PC
App VersionV7.0.0
Size16 MB
Updated on16/08/2022


Click on the open player and then find your character which will have the .plr file extension. open .plr file. Make sure to back up your character before proceeding.

Download Terraria Inventory Editor 1.4 | Best Terraria Editor 1

Here you have 4 Tabs Stats, Looks, Inventory, Buffs.


The first option is stats. In this option, you will get options like Name, Difficulty, Skin variant, Angler Quests, Tax money, Health, and Mana. You are free to use any of these options as you wish.

Terraria inventory editor stats


The second Tab is looks. Here you will get options like Hair color, Eye color, Skin color, Shirt color, Under shirt color, Pants color, and Shoe color. For example, you want to change the hair color.

Simply click on looks tab then hair color and you can able to change the color. Interestingly you can see a preview as you make changes to your character. The other option to change of gameplay to use Terraria texture pack for PC.

Terraria Inventory

Under the inventory tab, you will find Amor, Amor Dyes, Inventory, Coin Purse, Ammo, Equipment, Equipment dyes, Piggy Bank and Safe.

By clicking the (+) icon before any item will open other options. You will be able to customize your character in many ways as you want.

Terraria Buffs

Under the buffs tab, you will find various options to customize the buff and to set the max time as you want.

Terraria inventory editor buffs

When you are happy with the look of your player just click on save the player.

Now go back to Terraria. Click on single player or multiplayer. You will find you customize character there. Click on play icon under your player and you are ready to go.

2. Terrasavr Online inventory editor Web base

The second option for inventory editor is a website http://yal.cc. This website has two versions. You can go with Adobe flash player or HTML 5 version. On this website, you will get almost all options as we discussed earlier.

The first option is load player where you will load character from your computer which you want to customize. Same .plr file. After that you will get options like Character, Equips, Misc, Inventory, Bank, Safe, Forge, Worlds, and Buffs.

Terrasavr web-based inventory editor

Here you get 133 hairstyles. Other than that you get options like health, Mana, 3 modes: softcore, Medium core, Hardcore.

Furthermore other options like gender, Extra accessory for export mode, cloth style, Hair color, Skin color, eyes, shirt, Pants, and Shoes.

You can see the preview of your player instantly. When you happy with your changes simply click on save the player. This will let you save the modified player to your local computer.

Just start the game and you will find your mod player in a menu of your game. Click on play and enjoy Terraria gameplay.

Feature of Terraria Inventory Editor and Terrasavr

At this point, you know about Terraria Inventory editor. So I am going to tell you about its features. It has options like player editor, Terraria save editor, Item editor, Item spawner, Character creator, Item hack and Terraria modifiers.

Terraria player editor

It is one of the main features of Terrasavr. With the help of Terraria player editor, you can import your character in the editor. This player editor is fully combustible and it can give the desired look to your character.

Terraria save editor

Save editor work save your character. There are a lot of options in the inventory editor. When you use it the first time it will become tough to understand the options. Save editor is also an important part of it.

Terraria Item editor

After importing your player into inventory editor and changing its look. Next step you may want to edit inventory for the specific play. So Terraria Item editor is the best choice for this task.

Terraria Item spawner

Item spawner comes handy when you want to spawn items. It works on Terrasavr. When you click on inventory then on the right-hand side you will find the “Library” option. From here you can simply type the item name and spawn that particular item or multiple items.

Terraria Character creator

As the name suggests it will create your gaming player. You just need to save a new player from the game. Then import it to the inventory editor. After that, you can create your character as you want.  From the look to its inventory its all up to you how you want to use Terraria Character creator.

Terraria Item Hack

Item hack works as almost the same as the item spawner. You can add some extra mods as per their comparability to take advantage of Terraria Item hack.

How to Install and use Terraria Inventory Editor/Terrasavr

We are providing you a zip file. Before to begin the installation for Inventory editor 1.4, First you need to unzip the file. You can use any software you want to unzip the file.

After unzipping the file you will find .EXE file in unzipped folder. Just install it as you install any other software.

If Terraria Inventory Editor/Terrasavr is not working check the below points:

  • Make sure your Antivirus is not blocking the software
  • Check the Task Manager if it is showing there just once END Task and open software again.
  • If it’s still not working then uninstall the software
  • Restart your pc and install it again
  • If you are using Terrasavr online and it is not working then disable any installed extension in the browser.
  • Close the browser and open it again and try it. It should work now.

Terraria Inventory Editor FAQs

How to download Terraria inventory editor for Mac/iOS?


There is no official or unofficial Inventory available to download for Mac. You can use any web-based Inventory editor to create your character. You can try Terraria IPA mod for iOS.

How to download Terraria inventory editor 7.3?

The latest Inventory 7.0.0 is available to download and it is compatible with Terraria Unfortunately, its author ended support for it. But you can still download it here. It may ask for a password, try ‘forums.terraria.org’

How to use terrasavr on Windows and Mac OS?

It is very simple to use Terrasav on Windows and Mac. For Windows operating system you have 2 options. First, you can install Inventory editor on your PC from above link and you can follow the instructions. Second, you can use a web base Terrasavr for both Windows and Mac OS.

How to download Terraria inventory editor/Terrasavr for PS4?

The simple answer to PS4 inventory editor download is no. It has a reason as it needs to rewrite some codes from both Terraria and Sony. Which is not happening at the moment. You can visit our blog again to get any future update on it.

How Terrasavr works in Terraria?

Terrasav work as all other software works. It let you customize your character. Import, save and export of character as you want. But before going to use it make sure you have a backup of your game.

How to add items with Terrasavr 1.4?

When you open Terrasavr in the first row you will see options like Look, Buffs, Stat, and inventory. Under inventory, you will get the options to add items in Terrasavr. You can add items as per your requirement.

How to add buffs in Terrasavr?

To add buffs in Terrasavr you need a .tsb file. This file is in your game folder. You can run .tsb search in your game folder. After locating .tsb file just import it to Terrasavr and customize it

How to put a Terrasavr player into game?

After customizing your character save it in your game folder. Start Terraria and you will get terrasavr player in the game. If it’s not there then close the game, restart your PC and open the game again.

Does Terraria Inventory editor work with mods?

Yes, inventory editor works with mods. It is a Terraria character editor. It gives a desired look to your player. It has nothing to do with Terraria mods.

Can I use Terrasavr offline?

Yes, you can use Terrasavr offline (from this page) but it works on windows only. For Mac you need to use online Terrasavr.