(Updated) Terraria save editor 1.4 is now available to download.

Terraria save editor is a part of Terraria’s long journey.  When Terraria introduced in 2011 by Re-Logic, on that time no one knew how successful this game could be. It broke sales record.

The developer worked hard and release this game of all available platforms like Windows, Mac, Android, iOS and console version. Terraria is all about exploring, crafting and building. There are a lot of modding tools available to make this game more interesting. One of them is Terraria save editor.

In today’s tutorial, I will walk through you Terraria save editor and to download it, install it and use it.

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The best Terraria Modding tool Terraria save editor

When you got your game and run it the first time. In the game, one of the most important thing is your character. The look of the character is as important as the powers of the in-game character. So here save editor comes to play an essential role in your gameplay.

It helps to change the look of the game player completely. There are tons of options to choose from. You can change the hair style, hair color, dress, and other items as well.

terraria save editor


App nameTerraria Inventory Editor
PlateformWindows (32/64 bit)
Size16 Mb
Compatibility Terraria Steem/ Terraria Modded
Last Updated07/02/2023 (Mega.nz)

Note: This inventory editor is not tested with the latest version of Terraria. Kindly take backup of you game and character before proceeding. It is tested up to Terraria steem version and Terraria mod free pc game.


To start with in-game save editor 1.4

First thing you need the actual software (save editor) to install on your device. You can download it from the provided download link. After that, you need to unzip the file with any unzipping software.

You can use 7Zip software to do this task. This software is completely free to download. Then you can download it like any other software. Just follow the on-screen instructions and you are good to go.

When you will open the Terraria save editor you will get the options like Stats, Looks, Inventory, Buffs, etc.

From here you can change the player name, skin ton, health, etc. The next tab which is looks will help to change the dress design and color of the character.

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In inventory, you can redesign all the items. You can use Terraria items ID to easily find the required items.

It gives you an option to import edit save and export your game character.

Terraria save editor Troubleshooting guide

  • Where is Terraria save file?

If you are on Windows then it will save the file in My Documents\My Games\Terraria. If you are unable to find it just right click on Terraria icon then go to open file location and you will find the Terraria folder.

  • Where are Terraria player files?

If you saved the game data on a local computer then you can find your player file in My Documents\My Games\Terraria\player. If you used the steam version and enabled the cloud save option, then you will find your files on the cloud under user data folder.

  • Where is Terraria player files on Mac?

You can find your saved file under Library/Application Support/Terraria in Mac.

  • What is a PLR file in Terraria?

PLR file is a file related to your game character. It stores all the information about your character like when you use inventory editor to customize the player then you need to import the character to the editor, that is a PLR file.