If you are like to play Terraria having bright colors, then this Underworld Background Brightness texture pack is for you. It may look weird to some people as bright color in Underground Terraria may not be a good option for them. But if you like to change the look of your gameplay than you should definitely check is resource pack.

Intro to Underworld Background Brightness Texture Pack

This pack is created by a forum user The True Loser. The author mix up the dark background of Underworld Terraria with some really bright colors. It may hurt to your eyes, so take this in consideration before Downloading and using Underworld Background Brightness Texture Pack. This is what the author of this pack said:

Do you like extremely bright colors? Do you like said extremely bright colors to be right next to extremely dark colors? Well, then this is definitely not the mod for you! This mod takes the extremely bright, eye-hurting, headache inducing underworld background, and tones the brightness down a bit. The result should reduce eye strain and allow you to actually see everything, as well as being more in-line with the other 2.

Download Underworld Background Brightness Texture Pack

Underworld Background Brightness Texture Pack Info

Texture Pack NameUnderworld Background Brightness Texture Pack
PlatformTerraria PC
Game Versionv1.4.x.x
Created By The True Loser
File Size1.63 MB
File Type.zip
File Hosted onMediafire
Last updated on20/08/2022

How to download and use Underworld Background Brightness Texture Pack

To download Underworld Background Brightness Texture Pack just click on the download button below, to install it follow the instructions given below.

First you need to activate experimental features


This feature was added in Terraria in 2016 so you can mod your game play. You need to edit .json file for this.
1. For windows goto Documents\My Games\Terraria and Mac user can find it in Library/Application Support/Terraria.
2. Just change the value from ‘false’ to ‘true’ with any text editor.

Rename Texture file to Texture Pack.zip

1. You need texture pack in .zip format.
2. Copy the texture .zip file and paste in Documents\My Games\Terraria for Windows and Library/Application Support/Terraria in Mac.
3. You must rename the texture file to “Texture Pack.zip” other wise Terraria will not detect it.

Download Underworld Background Brightness Texture Pack


Is Underworld Background Brightness Texture Pack good to use?

It really depends upon you. If you like bright colors with dark background, then you will love it otherwise there are other good texture pack listed for Terraria.

Who created Underworld Background Brightness Texture Pack?

Underworld Background Brightness Texture Pack is created by a Terraria user The True Loser.