Terraria EXPERT MODE TIPS & TRICKS are here to help you out. Expert mode was introduced in the Terraria 1.3 update for PC, PS4 and the upcoming Xbox one, mobile and switch versions of Terraria.

In this mode you get double hit points and double damage. Moreover some bosses having more deadly AI and attack modes. This mode can be rewarding if you learn a few tricks.

1. Powerful early Weapons

When starting your expert mode quickly harvest lots of wood and craft lots of wooden broad swords and bows until you get high-quality modifiers on them. There are plenty of woods you can afford to try lots of times and it can give you a massive early boost.

2. Powered up Wood and Holy Arrows

On the subject of starting strong, you can easily upgrade your wooden arrows to fire arrows using gel and to frost burn arrows using ice torches. Did you know only 23 enemies in the entire game are immune to frost burn? Try it out.

3. Spawn eye of cthulhu with Grenades

The Demolitionist sells grenades for only 75 copper coin and ideal a whopping 60 throwing damage. They are incredibly useful for finishing off early expert mode bosses. Especially the eye of Cthulhu that rapidly charges right at you.


4. Yolo for easy Loot

While you are almost guaranteed to die in the process. If you make your way to the end of the world with a new character and Yolo into the ocean you can attempt to grab as much loot as possible from ocean chests before you drown.

If you are lucky enough to snag a recoil potion along the way you can recall it the last second to save yourself from certain doom.

5. King Slime Rope Trick

The king slime rope hack still works. Simply build a rope ladder about 30 blocks high off the ground and shoot at it with arrows preferably Frostburn ones. It takes a while but a brand new character can actually kill King Slime.

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6. Expert banners give double damage

There is monster banners you get for killing 50 of each enemy. They are massively powered up in expert mode. Banners allow you to deal double damage to enemies and half melee damage done to your character. Using these during the slime rain events can be a lifesaver for newer characters.

7. Stay well Fed with Terraria Pumpkin pie

Expert mode a life regeneration is half as effective unless you have the well-fed buff active. For an easy way to get lots of food by Pumpkin seeds off the Dryad and plant around your base. Pumpkin-pie gives you the well-fed buff for 45 minutes valued.

8. Bonus Regen

Talking about region honey is one of the best regenerative items in the game. Simply place two buckets in a one by two hole near any boss arena and run through it as you battle.

The honey buff lasts for 30 seconds and restores over a single hit point a second. It also sex with campfires and heart lanterns.

9. Terraria shield of Cthulhu

The shield of Cthulhu the expert only dropped from the eye of Cthulhu is one of the most powerful accessories in the game. It allows you to instantly dash on the ground or in mid-air by double tapping left or right.

It can also negate enemy melee damage if you charge into them at the right moment. This even works on expert Juke fish.

10. Mobility Items

The topic of movement items dodging is extremely important in expert mode. As some enemies deal upwards of 200 damage per hit and beyond.

Why defend against damage when you can avoid it completely? Get items like the shield of Cthulhu, boots, cloud in a bottle and any type of gem hook.

11. Use Armor and Guns

Some weapons and armors that are considered overpowered in normal mode can actually help you survive in expert mode. An example of this is the Mesial armor Space gun combo.

To attempt to get this powerful equipment early simply smash a shadow orb or crimson heart at midnight in your world. You have a 50% chance then a meteorite will land. You can then farm that meteorite or and craft all the equipment that you need.

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12. Smash ORBS/Hearts

You can freely smash as many shadow orbs and crimson hearts as a new character. To collect the loot as long as you don’t mind dying every three orbs or hearts to the bosses  they spawn.

terraria tips

13. The Molten Armor

The molten armor a strong pre hard mode armor set can easily be acquired very early on. If you fish for a river shark in the ocean, then carefully make your way to the underworld and mine up the house stone there.

I recommend setting a spawn point as you will easily die in one to two heads for most enemies down in the underworld if you go with a brand new character.

14. Terraria Water Bolt Seed

Make sure to check the dungeon in your world for an easy water bolt. This weapon can make easy work of the first three bosses if you create a square box arena to bounce the water bolts around in.

15. Terraria Ankh Shield

Creating the Ankh shield is generally worth it in expert mode. Enemy Debuffs lasts twice as long in your character and have a higher chance of occurring.

Some Debuffs can now last up to 10 minutes. Debuffs like slow or broken armor can almost be an instant death sentence in expert mode. So the unskilled can be a real lifesaver.

16. Get Gel Farming

Did you know rare items are a lot more common in expert mode? Especially the ankh charm components which are twice as likely to drop from enemies. The slime sloth is also slightly more common but it’s still crazy rare at 7000 to one drop chance.

17. Trick to Skeletron Expert Mode

Skeletron can be an insanely difficult boss for players new to expert mode. I recommend having two layers of platforms about 20 blocks apart near the dungeon and using a grappling hook and the shield of Cthulhu to give you plenty of mobility during the battle.

If you do get caught by the spinning head attack you can try and grapple a platform to desperately try and escape.

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18. No Event Restrictions in Expert Mode

In normal mode certain events have restrictions placed on them. So they don’t spawn when the character isn’t ready, for example slime rain won’t happen until your character has 140 hit points and at least eight defense.

But in expert mode it can happen at any time. It can be a great idea to set up a basic arena around your base early on in case things get a little bit out of hand.

19. Buff that Defense

Your defense statistic is actually more effective in expert mode giving you a higher damage reduction. So stacking armor and warding accessories can help. But remember enemies also deal double damage so dodging attacks is still your best way to go.

20. Terraria Shiny Stone

The expert mode celestial pillars are brutal. You need to defeat a 150 enemies and they deal insane amounts of damage. Luckily the shiny stone and expert only item from Gollum is a quick way to massively heal back up with a 40 hit point per second heal on the boundaries of each pillar zone for a treat heal up and get back in there.

21. Pots drop more Loot

A simple tip that can get you lots of blue in expert mode. Regular pots have tons more items in them. This can be a great way to stock up on the basics early on.

In your adventure the pots in the underworld can regularly drop some high-level potions like heart reach. So it’s definitely worth your time to smash them all.

22. Life Steal less Effective

Be careful the developers have reduced the power of life stealing items in expert mode. The vampire knives inspector armors healing hood will heal you for less.

Couple of this with the increased enemy damage and you may just want to skip them altogether and focus on dealing more damage yourself.

23. Terraria hive pack

The hive pack and expert only item from the queen bee boosts the power of all be related items by occasionally spawning more powerful bees.

A great strategy is to farm several queen bees and stock up on beam aids the beekeeper and the bee’s knees to unleash B fury on Skeletron. These will serve you well right up until the wall of flesh and beam aids are very useful against it.

24. Shrimpie Truffle:

The shrimpie truffle and expert on the item from Juke Fishman is one of the most powerful mounts in the entire game. He gains incredible speed and boost your damage when it touches water or if your remaining health is under 50%.

Some players like to add water to their arenas to take advantage of the extra speed and damage.


25. Royal Gel Terraria:

Once the royal gel the expert only item from the king slime is kind of generally useless. It is incredibly useful in the underworld as the lava signs actually spawn lava upon death in expert mode.

This creates complete havoc when you try to make a wall of flesh arena as the lava from the slimes will destroy all you campfires torches and platforms. You’ll have to rebuild them it is so useful.

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26. Terraria hallowed mimic: 

Talking about early hard mode weapons. Collect 15 souls of light to make a key of life when put inside an empty chest, it will spawn a hallowed mimic which allows you to easily farm them one of its items.

The Daedalus storm bow is one of the most powerful bows in the entire game and can be acquired right to the wall of flesh. I’m up with holy arrows and you’ll be completely unstoppable.

27. Fighting the Destroyer:

Fighting the destroyer first is generally advised as the souls of Micah drops can be used to craft a Mega Shark. This gun is extremely powerful and can be loaded with insane ammunition like the armor shredding I call bullets or the homing clarified bullets.

In my opinion you will likely keep this gun until the vortex beta becomes available in the endgame as most players skip the chain gun.

28. Do not Rush to Mech Bosses:

Once you start hard mode you can take up to Titanium or Adamantite armor without fighting any of the Mech bosses. It’s generally advised for you to take the time and power up especially if your world has titanium as the set bonus.

This armor allows you to completely avoid damage every 30 seconds with the shadow dodge ability. This means you can avoid as much as 100-200 damage from the Mech bosses.

Remember that excellent mode can initially be difficult when you first try it. But once you get used to the increased difficulty, you’ll never look back and you’ll become a better Terraria player.