Terraria is one of the most popular game. When it comes to top 5 famous bosses in Terraria, People talk alot of about it. This is one of the game which receive update with a lot of new stuff. If you are going to write about it or you are going to make a video about it. You can not run out of ideas. Today we are going to take a look on the top five famous bosses in Terraria.

Famous Bosses in Terraria

5. Skeletron

Skeletron was at one point the final boss in Terraria. That gives it a little bit of a legacy. It got a very simplistic design because when you look at it from the outside it’s simply just a floating skeleton head. It also has a little bit of backstory. You activate an old man you release him of his curse you kill him and then you get to go into the dungeon.

When you look at Terraria merchandise. They actually used his head as a big plush toy and his face actually appeared on the original printing of the special PC edition of Terraria. So very iconic but also forgetful, because a skeleton head is iconic but it’s also appearing in a lot of other games.

4. Eater of Worlds

The eater of worlds is very famous, because not a lot of games actually have a big giant worm boss that only of the game. Most games don’t feature a big giant worm trying to kill you. It actually appeared on multiple versions of Terraria.

When it comes to actually printing the physical editions and it’s so famous because Terraria is actually known for its worms. it was in the original edition you have all these worms that would burrow out of the ground and try and attack you.

3.  Wall of Flesh

Wall of Flesh is a unique design of the game. The Wall of flesh is the symbolism of going into hard mode. It is a big challenge to actually overcome and that’s why I feel like a lot of people have probably talked about this boss.

Wall of Flesh is one of the most difficult boss to defeat before the hard mode. This is why it deserve the entry in this list.

2. Moon Lord

The Moon Lord is now the final boss in Terraria. This boss was actually intended to be the final boss in terraria. When it came to Skeletron or Golem or Juke fish Ron all of those were a placeholder for something bigger.

The moon Lord was talked about for years and years before it was actually finally added in Terraria 1.3. It is one of the most symbolic bosses associated with the game. When it comes to this boss, people want to know where the actual Cthulhu is his brother? It literally is such a unique design. It comes at a really great point in the game right at the end.

Moon Lord

That leaves you with a big impact. People talk about overcoming these giant challenges and when you have something that is literally called the final boss that is a big challenge.

1. Eye of Cthulhu

Eye of Cthulhu without a doubt is the most famous boss in Terraria for very simple reasons. It was the first boss that you can actually find in Terraria. It’s in every single edition of the physical release of the game. It is a very iconic design.

Who thinks about having an eyeball open up with a bunch of teeth not many people think about that. It also housed a little demon eyes to go along with it. Eye of Cthulhu is very iconic when it comes to Terraria.

People talk about it when they first played Terraria. On the first night they got swarmed by a bunch of eyeballs.

A special appearance to this list is:

Turkor The Ungrateful

Turkor The Ungrateful is a thanks giving themed boss exclusive to the mobile edition of Terraria. This boss is awesome. People really like it but as earlier mentioned its thanks giving themed boss. So i am not going to give this a ranking.

Turkor the Ungrateful

This is it. the Top 5 Famous Bosses in Terraria. What do you think about it. If you have different ideas to mine maybe it’s different bosses completely or maybe it’s a different ranking. Leave me a comment if you disagree or agree I would love to hear from you.