Many people talk about the Key of Light in Terraria. Players use it because it is useful in Terraria.

The Key of Light is a craftable item. When it is placed in any slot of any empty chest, the Hallowed Mimic will be born. This will happen as soon as the chest is closed and the Key of Light and the chest is gone forever. You should be in Hardmode to use this item.

Items Needed to Craft Key of Light

  • Soul of light (15)
  • Work Bench 

Steps to Create a Key of Light in Terraria

  •  You can’t find this item in hard mode without workbench
  •  It’s a new recipe that will be available to craft after using the workbench
  • The key of light is hidden in hard mode under underground holy lands where monsters are at 20% chance for dropping souls.
  • Your enemies are significantly more powerful when playing on hard mode; however, you can earn coins much quicker than before!
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Points to consider for key of light in Terraria

The Hallowed Mimic will not appear if you put a Key of Light in an item other than a Chest (such as a Barrel). The Hallowed Mimic will not appear on Console versions of the game unless Auto Pause is turned off.

Steps to Create a Key of Light in Terraria

The Hallowed Mimic can be summoned in any place. It is not necessary to spawn it in The Hallow. If you close the Chest and open another Chest interface, like when you are opening a second Chest, the mimic will not appear.

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