Terraria mobile mods are modifications of Terraria games that are made by Terraria fan-game developers to change Terraria’s gameplay experience.

Terraria mods for mobile are easy to install, download and use on your Terraria mobile. You can create mods in Terraria that include various things such as graphics changes, inventory item appearance modifications, and the adding of new items for you to find when exploring the world of Terraria.

Today, we will answer your most common questions like does terraria mobile have mod support, how to get mods for terraria mobile 1.4, how to install mods on terraria mobile ios and how to play terraria mods on mobile. 

Terraria is one of the greatest games on android and iOS platforms. Terraria mods make it more fun to play the game by changing the recipes, textures, characters skins and more details. Terraria is a popular sandbox adventure 2D video game where you can create and modify multiples things and structures during the game.

Terraria features a large selection of weapons, armors, potions, and crafting material that you can use to defeat Terraria bosses and mobs. Terraria mobile version offers Terraria fans a challenge in reflexes, action, and logic skills while exploring the vast terrains and dungeons of Terraria world.

terraria mobile mods apk

Best Terraria mobile mods free download

Here’s a list of the best Terraria mods on mobile you can download for free:

1. Tl pro apk no license verification apk

This mod provides unlimited money, unlock every level, no license, free shopping, ad-free mod, and everything user-friendly in Terraria. It gives Terraria mobile apk HD graphics with many texture packs to choose from, such as Dokucraft dark, R3D craft, or AVP2 mod Terraria Battle & Beasts.

APP NAME: TL Pro mod apk free (Terraria mobile mods)

Mod Feature: No ads, No license verification, Paid apk free

DEVELOPER: PixelCurves

Latest Version: 1.44.12

Android: 5 and up

Downloads: 100,000+

Last updated on: 15/08/2022

The description of  Terraria TL Pro MOD APK 1.44.12

Tl pro apk does not give an error of no license verification if you still face any issue just clear app data in android settings. Here are some amazing highlights of Terraria mods on mobile Tl pro apk:

Make changes to the inventory whenever you want with Tl pro apk free

Tl pro apk lets you create your characters with the best outfits that combine into a unique look. You can also edit your other items in the inventory editor as you want.

Create your interesting customized gameplay with Terraria Tl pro mod apk

Terraria tl pro has plenty of texture packs. When you launch Terraria and join a multiplayer server, you will notice that there is a mod menu available. This mod menu comes with many options that will benefit the player such as infinite health and mana, free crafted items, etc. You can also turn off textures and easily switch to Terraria mods.

Enjoy exciting cheats during the game with tl pro terraria mods on mobile free

It allows you to download characters, maps, and texture packs. It’s also like a parallel app because the gameplay you experience on TL pro apk is kept private rather than shared with Terraria.

It also runs somewhat slower than the official Terraria app, but this is dependent on your smartphone. A powerful processor and at least 6 Gb RAM can solve this problem.

Feature of TL Pro Mod Apk no license verification

  • Replace all of the game’s resources at once or on the fly, and enable/disable them as needed from the main menu.
  • During games, use the cheat panel with a variety of features.
  • Create your custom packs (set of textures, worlds, players) by importing assets from other developers as well.
  • Import/Export characters and Modify the inventory of each character
  • Modified Maps
  •  Natural spawning NPCs

Although TL pro mod apk is not the official Terraria client. So you can expect some bugs here and there. The best way to improve Tl pro mod apk is to report the errors to the developer as they can fix those errors in future updates.

Minimum Requirements For Tl pro apk and Terraria Apk

First, you need to install Terraria on your android smartphone. Without installing Terraria it will not work. Then you can download Tl pro from the given link for free. The minimum requirement for the Terraria app is Android 4.3 and up version. For Tl pro apk you need Android 5 and up.

Good processing power and maximum RAM will give you a smooth performance as both apps are resource-hungry.

Permissions for Tl Pro mod apk 1.44.12

  • View network connections
  • full network access
  • control vibration
  • prevent the device from sleeping

What’s new in Tl pro apk 1.44.12

In the new version of TL pro apk 1.42.1, the developers fixed some internal issues. Also, the new version added some amazing skins, characters, and textures to improve your game-play.

Free Download Tl pro apk 1.44.12 

How to download and install Terraria 1.4 Tl Pro free on Android

If you want to use the play store version of Tl pro then search on play store and install it. But with the play store version, you will get irritated by intensive ads. So simply download Tl pro mod apk from above link.

  1. Make sure that you turned on “unknown Sources” in android phone settings.
  2. Just tap on the downloaded file and install it.
  3. Done now you can use Tl pro apk with Terraria apk.

How to use Terraria Tl Pro on Android

After successful installation of Tl pro apk, you just need to launch your Terraria game.  From the menu bar, you can use the customizable options as you want. This app supports in-game customizability. So you do not need to exit your game to change any settings.

2. Happy mod for Terraria mobile mods android

The next mod for Terraria mobile is happy mod. This is an apk file which you need to install first on your android device. It works like a play store where you can search for apps. It looks like this (shown in the image below after installation).

Keep in mind to use this mod you need to uninstall the previously installed Terraria apk. Back up your gameplay if you don’t want to lose your character, maps, skins, etc.

In the search bar just type Terraria and install it as shown below:

Install it and give permission to display over other apps.

When you open Terraria first you need to create a new character and world because your previous gameplay progress is gone.

Mod feature (Terraria mobile mods)

  • God mode
  • High damage mod
  • Open inventory and select items to get max stack
  • You can split single items

3. Tmanager for Terraria mobile mods

TManager lets you manage your Terraria world, mods, and items easily from your phone. TManager is dedicated to providing Terraria gamers with all of its latest updates and latest builds, not only the ones available in the market but also those which are still coming up.  

This app brings together players whose goal for playing this game is to strive  in gathering all the items and crafting the weapons to fight  with bosses.

It also allows you to share, view and rate Terraria worlds! Search Terraria servers for Terraria 1.4. without leaving the app.

Download Tmanager apk for Terraria mobile

App name: Tmanager for Terraria mobile

Mod feature: Customize your world and character, Ad-free

Latest Version:

Requires Android: 6.0 and up

Offered By: Jbro129 Gaming

Downloads: 100,000+

Root needed: No

Features of Tmanager for Terraria mobile mods

  • Import your own world or player
  • Browse Terraria world files
  • View Terraria servers online
  • Download custom saves to use within Terraria!
  • Favorite Terraria server to get notifications when they are online
  • Add Terraria worlds to your favorites by tapping on them
  • Reveal the world map for downloaded worlds!
  • Discover world seeds
  • 60+ custom worlds
  • 20+ custom players
  • 20+ seeds

This app is a good alternative to the TL pro apk. It offers some great options over Tl pro apk. You can get Tmanager for Terraria mobile mods on android for free to download. This is not an official app. It is just like the Tl pro apk that is a 3rd party app and is not supported by Games 505.

Permissions For Tmanager for Terraria mobile apk

Photos / Media / Files

  • read the contents of your USB storage
  • modify or delete the contents of your USB storage


  • read the contents of your USB storage
  • modify or delete the contents of your USB storage


  • Access all system downloads
  • Access download manager.
  • Download files without notification
  • View network connections
  • full network access
  • run at startup
  • prevent the device from sleeping

If you are still looking for Terraria mobile mods android then we still have some other great options for you. If you are not satisfied with Tl pro mod apk, Happy mod, Tmanager for Terraria then you can download terraria apk mod.

You can use Terraria free craft mod, Terraria unlimited health mode, Terraria menu mod apk, Terraria god mode, and so on. Just use the search bar on this website to get your favorite Terraria mobile mode.

4. Terraria mod apk

Last not the least option for Terraria mobile is Terraria apk. Yes by now if you are playing Terraria on mobile, you will be familiar with Terraria apk mods. There are many mod apks available to download.
We have Terraria latest 1.4 for android, which have mod options like free craft, unlimited health, god mod and all items unlock. You can follow our guide on Terraria mod apk latest version here.

Faqs Terraria mobile mods

How to download tl pro for free?

You can get Tl pro for free on this website. Just go to the download link on this article and download Tl pro apk for free without ads.

Is it possible to mod mobile Terraria?

Yes, it is possible to install mod on Terraria mobile. We choose the best 4 mods installed on Terraria android. Read the article and pick the one you like the most.

Any mod loaders for terraria android?

Tl pro mod, Tmanger for Terraria mod, God mod, unlimited health, Mod menu apk, and craft mode are the few mods that you can install on Terraria android for free to download.

Are There Mods For Terraria Mobile?

Yes, you can download and install mods on Terraria mobile for free.

How To Download and Install Terraria Mods On Mobile iOS?

There are very few options available for Terraria iOS. But you can download IPA for iOS.

Mods in ANDROID terraria?Yes?No?/ Any mod loaders for terraria android? 

The answer is yes. You have 4 different terraria mods mobile to choose from.

Is terraria mobile mod menu safe?

Yes Terraria mod menu apk is safe to download and install. You can get it for free from here.

Are Terraria mods free for android mobile? 

Yes, Terraria mods mobile android are free to download and install. Just follow simple steps mentioned above and you will Play Terraria with Mods on mobile.

Best terraria mobile mod loader in 2023?

The best way to install mods for Terraria on Android is through the TL Pro app. It acts as a mod loader, so users can install and use texture packs, mods, cheat codes, and more.

How to install tModLoader on mobile?

You can not install tModLoader on mobile devices as it is only available for PC. But TL Pro app can be used as a mod loader for Terraria on Android devices, which you can download from above link.

Is tmodloader available for iOS devices?

No, tModLoader is not available for iOS devices. It is only available for PC and Mac. Jail breaking can be other option if you want to try at your own risk.

How to install and use ios terraria mods?

There are some mods available for Terraria on iOS devices, such as the Mods for Terraria app. But it is not clear that how reliable or safe these mods are. It is unknown whether these mods require jailbreaking the device or not.

How to add mods to terraria mobile?

You can not add mods to Terraria mobile as 505Games does not allow mobile modding directly. However, the TL Pro app can be used as a mod loader for Terraria on Android devices.

How to get tl pro apk no license 2023?

You should not use TL Pro APK with no license as it can harm your device. You should use official Google Play Store app to ensure that you are using a safe app.

How to turn on god mode terraria?

For android mobile you can install Team Manager from the Google Play Store. After installing it, go to the player editor section to make players godmode

This is all about Terraria mods for mobile and How to install them. If you have any problem or suggestion for us, you can tell us via comment section.