The Ninja set in Terraria is a collection of armor and vanity items, consisting of the Ninja Hood, Ninja Shirt, and Ninja Pants, which can be obtained by defeating King Slime. When equipped with the Master Ninja Gear accessory, crafted from Black Belt, Tabi, and Tiger Climbing Gear, the player gains various abilities that emulate those of legendary ninja. These abilities include scaling walls, sprinting with great speed, and utilizing illusory decoys to distract enemies.

ninja set terraria

How can players obtain the Ninja set in Terraria?

Players can obtain the Ninja set in Terraria by defeating King Slime, who has a 33.3% chance of dropping each piece. In the Nintendo 3DS version of Terraria, the set is also available as a vanity item. Additionally, players can acquire pieces of the set from Lepus, with a 3% chance of dropping per piece. To complement the set, players can craft the Master Ninja Gear accessory at a Tinkerer’s Workshop, which is crucial for accessing its full potential.

What are the set bonuses for the Ninja set in Terraria?

When using the complete Ninja set in Terraria, in addition to the set bonus, the armor displays a shadow effect and increases the player’s movement speed by 25%. The set bonus itself is currently not fixed and may vary depending on the version of the game. Suggestions for additional set bonuses have been made, such as gaining temporary immunity when double tapping the down button or empowering the Slime Staff.

How does the Ninja set compare to other armor sets in Terraria?

The Ninja set is a mid-tier armor set in Terraria that provides a total defense of 13. While it may not be the strongest armor set available, it offers unique abilities when combined with the Master Ninja Gear accessory. The strongest armor sets in Terraria, such as the Solar Flare Armor, Vortex Armor, Nebula Armor, and Stardust Armor, are typically obtained later in the game. It is important to note that comparing armor sets from different tiers is not always fair, as they are designed for different stages of gameplay.

Which accessory should be replaced with the Master Ninja Gear in Terraria?

There is no consensus among players on which accessory should be replaced with the Master Ninja Gear in Terraria. Some suggest replacing the Terraspark Boots, while others recommend replacing the Shield or other accessories. The Master Ninja Gear is considered one of the best accessories in the game by some players, alongside the Celestial Starboard and Celestial Shell. Ultimately, the choice of which accessory to replace depends on the player’s individual playstyle and preferences.

How do you spawn the ninja in Terraria?

There is no known method to spawn the Ninja NPC in Terraria. Rather, the term “Ninja” refers to the Master Ninja Gear accessory, which can be crafted using Climbing Claws, Shoe Spikes, Tabi, and a Black Belt. Some fans have proposed the idea of a Master Ninja NPC who would only appear at night after defeating King Slime, but this feature has not been officially implemented in the game.

Ninja armor set bonus terraria?

The Ninja armor set bonus in Terraria offers a 20% increase in movement speed and displays a shadow effect when all pieces of the set are equipped. There have been suggestions for additional set bonuses, such as gaining 1/4 second immunity when double tapping the down button, or enhancing the power of the Slime Staff. Some players also recommend swapping out the Master Ninja Gear accessory with other accessories, such as the Brain of Confusion.

Can the ninja armor be mixed and matched with other armor sets?

While it is possible to mix and match the Ninja Hood, Ninja Shirt, and Ninja Pants with other armor sets, doing so will not activate the set bonus that is granted when wearing all three pieces of the Ninja set in their respective armor slots. It is worth noting that only two armor sets in Terraria can be combined across multiple classes: Frost Armor and Forbidden Armor.