Terraria is a game of fun and explore the new things. But some times its become very difficult to find new items. It depends on how you play this game. So today i will share with you my top 5 Terraria tips to make a powerful character in Terraria game-play and get the important items early in the game. This will help you to over power your character in the game.

terraria tips

5. To start with, we have a simple trick that allows you to kill the king slime without taking a single hit. The king slime provides a range of useful early game equipment such as the gel, bug and slime saddle.

It is super easy to farm to easily kill the king slime. Simply travel to the outer thirds of the map. Find a nice flat area and build a rope 28 blocks high in the air. After that simply wait during the day.

Each slime has a 1 in 300 chance of becoming the king slime. Also note that the king slime can only spawn in forest biomes and areas that have grass on them.

You can easily kill it with a wooden boat and fire arrows or to speed things up, further place a thin layer of lava underneath your rope and let it do the work for you. With the help of only  few bombs you can quickly acquire some powerful items and weapons.

4. The next strategy is a bit risky strategy. Firstly, you need to grow a few bombs from surface pots and chest. And then find your nearest corruption or crimson./

Use ropes and platforms to help you quickly descend into the underground and use wood to block mobs trying to get you along the way. First of all, you smash always contains a gun and ammo which allows the arms dealer to move in break as many as you wish.

As many items to collect don’t worry about the boss spawning as you can manually summon it later. Anyway acquiring some of the most powerful pre hard mode tools can be done with minimal preparation.

3. You need some enchanted night crawlers, which are made from worms and fallen stars and a reinforced fishing pole. Once you have got them make your way to the ocean biome.

This gives you a 1 in 100 chance of catching the rebound sawtooth sharks with each cast of your fishing line. You will also catch lots of helpful crates while you are waiting. So make a little safety box and enjoy fishing the day away.

2. You can use powerful weapons that are accessible right from the start of the game. These are the enchanted sword the are Kahless water bolt and the Starfury enchanted swords are found in sword shrines that spawn naturally along the surface of your world.

Those are identified by their long narrow vertical shafts, which the player simply needs to dig down to access the shrine. Each shrine has a 33% chance of spawning either an enchanted sword or rarely an arc alis.

Water bulks can appear near the entrance to the dungeon and these are identified as a blue book with a yellow band on the spine. They sit on dungeon shells the dungeon guardian will spawn after you reach a certain depth and kill you instantly.

But you will be able to check out many shelves before this occurs. The star fury spawns in skyward chess on floating islands.

You can find them simply by building wooden platforms up into the sky and then horizontally until you bump into an island about grabbing a gravitation potion from pots in the cabin layer. These weapons can easily carry you through most of pre hard mode.

1. With the new character you can get a space gun. You can do this in just a few easy steps. Firstly gather 10 to 30 bombs from pots and surface chess. Next make your way to the corruption or crimson and use the bombs to access the orbs or heart. Each one you destroy gives you a 50% chance to spawn a meteorite at midnight.

You will also get either the musket or Undertaker once the meteorite spawns build wooden platforms over the crash site and use your bombs to quickly mine up the ore the musket or Undertaker you acquired earlier from the orbs or heart.

This allows you to easily fend off the meteor heads it only takes 190 meteorite or to craft the meteor armor and space gun. This combo will carry you through the entire our pre hardmode. So there you have it the easy ways to massively overpower your brand-new character within a few easy steps.