Today we are going to give you an excellent guide on Terraria’s top 5 armors. This list is going to contain some of the best armor in Terraria including strongest armor in hard-mode.

Top 5 armor in Terraria

Top 5 armor in Terraria

5. Shroomite Armor

It has a nice stealth option that can keep the heat off you for a little bit. But most importantly once you combine a sniper rifle with the Shroomite Armor. You are getting some highly critically shroo.

My armor may be pretty expensive to craft. But it can throw down some pretty big numbers and damage. It is very helpful if you sit back and look at it the damage and knock-back of ranged weapons has increased up to 45 percent.

While in stealth so that’s pretty hard to top yeah the beetle armor does have nice damage resistance. But then again Shroomite Armor is bringing the pain with the damage.

4. Spectre Armor

The specter armor is a made his best friend. There are two sets for this armor, you either have the healing set with the specter hood or you have the DPS set with the specter mask.

Either way you really can’t go wrong the specter hood allows you to do damage. It get some of your health regenerated between you and some of your close by allies. If you choose to go with the specter mask. You’re going to get a little bit more saving power as well as doing more damage.

It is pretty cool either way the specter armor is very useful. I have to say the looks of the specular mask is pretty awesome overall. One thing to quickly note about the specter hood currently right now in PC version.

3. Vortex Armor

Say hello to the vortex armor. The Rangers best friend once you get to the celestial event and you can kill the moon Lord, the vortex armor is very awesome. The actual armor bonus you can actually double tap down a type of stealth increase your ranged ability while reducing chance of enemy targets being seen.

But at the same time you are going to be slowed as well. This set also has one of my favorite abilities the 25% chance to not consume ammo. Which is very awesome for all those out there trying to save on their ammo.

As you get more pieces the light intensifies with the armor set so the more pieces you get the more brighter it shines. Pretty neat.

2. Nebula Armor

It is a very interesting armor indeed. it’s the end game set for mages and the thing I like to point out first is the fact that has a chance to spawn buff boosters. Now these can be for damage for life or for mana, but as you continue to fight these little things can come in quite handy.

Once you have all three pieces, it increases maximum mana by 60 and reduces mana usage by 15. Once again as you get each piece the light level will increase without purple hue which i think is really cool.

But again the biggest thing is going to be the boosters that drop they only last for eight seconds but again they can become quite the lifesaver depending upon what you get.

Damage booster will increase your damage by 15% for eight seconds life booster won’t restore health regeneration by four per second for eight seconds that’s a mouthful and of course the mana will increase your mana regeneration for eight seconds.

1. Solar Flare Armor

This armor gives you the most damage in the game and it looks very awesome. It actually gives you a solar shield. Which generates over time protecting you. Of course once you could it consumes the shield which can be used to damage enemies.

Something very similar to the shield of Cthulhu as you take damage. These shield charges will deplete and take a little bit of time to regenerate. The thing about this armor is when you wear it. There’s a significantly higher chance that the enemies will target you.

So you are pretty much the tank when you wear this armor. Single player this really doesn’t mean much because you are the target anyway. But it’s nice to see that they have this in for the multiplayer aspect of it.

Of course as with the rest of the celestial event armors each piece will emit a little bit of light. The more that light will get brighter. With this armor you’ll get a little after effect as well which is pretty neat.

One thing I did not mention was the Stardust armor which is very awesome for summoners. Of course the set bonus on that will give you the Stardust Guardian which is kind of like a century that’ll help you out in fighting enemies.

Please be sure to share your Terraria top 5 armors down below in the comment section as always I love to hear from you new readers.

Terraria Armor FAQs?

What is the strongest armor in Terraria?

Molten armor is the strongest armor in Terraria in Pre-Hardmode. To create this armor all you need is 45 Hellstone Bar. You will get +17% melee damage and moving Flame particles. Molten armor’s provide 8 Head, 9 Chest and 8 Leg protection in total 25.

What is the strongest armor in Terraria Hardmode?

Stardust armor is the strongest Terraria armor in Hardmode. It can be created with 45 Stardust Fragment and 36 Luminite Bar. It gives you 66% minion damage and 5 maximum minion capacity. It also provides extra protection to the player. Stardust armor provide 10 Head, 16 Chest and 12 Leg protection in total 38.