In Terraria not all bosses are created equally. Some are quite difficult even if you are well prepared. While others are not too tough and some can even be exploited. In this article, we will look at my personal top five list of easiest bosses tips in Terraria. Advance tips & trick that will help you through gameplay.

A quick note before we get into it this list is not based on class challenges. It assumes your character can use any weapon and armor combination in the game. Getting started with this list:

Terraria Top 5 Easiest Bosses

Top 5 Easiest Bosses Tips & Tricks

5. The Destroyer:

The mechanical boss that frequently get instantly killed by endgame weapons. It is none other than the destroyer. The destroyer is one of the few bosses in the game that lacks the ability to fly.

As such players can simply create a safety box high above the ground and snipe it from a distance with bows guns or magic brave melee, characters can even use the same technique if they have a suitable piercing weapon throw that little voodoo doll into the lava and prepare to meet the world.

4. Wall of Flesh: 

Wall of Flesh boss can be an absolute nightmare to fight on expert with a melee character and a bit tricky with a summoner. The battle becomes much much easier with an error of effect weapons such as beam aids or piercing weapons like the whole wing bow and the water bolt most of the challenge from this boss. On expert comes from the Hungary’s but if you can simply keep out of their way with ranged attacks your victory is assured.

3. Eye of Cthulhu: 

You feel an evil presence watching you at number 3 as the iron Cthulhu launches its attack. This boss can easily be destroyed with a stack of shuriken Zhan normal mode and an expert a few grenades into its final form. Generally ends the battle before you get into any real trouble don’t get me wrong this boss can be difficult if it spawns naturally and you’re not ready for it .

But if you summon it on your terms with a few platforms around to help you with mobility. The fight should go smoothly bosses without flies or the ability to pass through blocks seem to feature a lot in this list.

2. Gollum: 

This is no exception introducing the temple guardian Gollum. Gollum is a unique boss. It can be completely trapped if you prepare a cage before summoning it in its second form the head can freely fly around. But you can keep blasting its full-body trap like a sitting duck and quickly end the battle.

1. King Slime: 

It’s probably no surprise that our number one spot features this boss as it’s arguablythe weakest in the game. However, the fact it’s easily exploitable makes it take the number one spot in the Kings line. In both normal and expert mode. The player can simply make a one block wide platform 26 blocks off the ground and become completely unreachable by the king slime.

king slime

It is minions as it can’t teleport to such a small surface even without choosing this boss. All you need is a piercing weapon and a grappling hook and you should be able to avoid its slimy swarms.

This was all about this list. Did you enjoy it. Feel free to leave your feedback and also tell us about your Terraria Top 5 Easiest Bosses list.