There is a lot of confusion between Terraria wings. Today we will look at Top 5 Wings in Terraria. A bunch of new wings have been added but mostly in tour the endgame tier where you see a lot of change.

5. Fishron Wings

These wings are still very awesome and work really well in water. But they are not quite up there anymore with the new stuff around. Of course these wings can take a while to get from Duke fish on.

But they are definitely worth it they have a 1 in 15 drop rate on normal mode. While in expert mode there’s a 1 in 10 drop ratio.

Fishron Wings

4. Stardust Wings

Stardust wings crafted with 10 luminite bars and 14 Stardust fragments. These don’t fly highs. The duke fish run wings but the thing to note is that they do have horizontal flight.

Which means all you have to do is hold down and use the jump key to go along the horizontal line for doing.

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terraria stardust wings

You get a 150 percent speed boost which is very nice and it should also be noted that these wings glow in the dark as well which make them very cool.

3. Vortex Booster

Vortex boosters are technically wings they’re still classified Wings then they still do the job. Now these do not fly as high as that Stardust wings but they do move exceptionally fast on horizontal movement speed.

Vortex Booster

Once again these wings also do horizontal hovering by using the down and jump keys hover speed is boosted over 300% which is double that of the Stardust wings and also  these wings emit blue light and glow in the dark as well.

2. Nebula Mantle

While the Nebula Mantle do not hover these things gain go quite high much higher than a Fisher on wings as a matter of fact, these wings also glow in the dark.

But with a deep dark color in flight measurement the nebula wings have a movement of 165 tiles compared to the Fisher on wings which have 143 tiles. But the nebula mantle has a lot of awesome effects to it.

Nebula Mantle

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1. Solar Wings

The solar do have a two tile difference over the nebula is when it comes to maximum flight so currently right now the solar wings do have the highest range of all the wings and game so far.

Solar Wings

While these do not have many effects like the nebula mantle. This does give off some orange light with some particle effects as well but glow in the dark which is pretty nice.

top 5 wings in terraria

Terraria Wings FAQs

What wings fly the highest in Terraria?

Solar Wings fly the highest in Terraria. To craft this wings you need 14 Solar Fragment and 10 Luminite Bar. Its detailed specification are 3 Time 167 Height 200 Speed. You get 50% extra speed, faster acceleration and Particle effect emits orange light, glows in the dark. You can read more about Terraria wings Here.

How to make Harpy wings in Terraria?

To craft Harpy wings you need 20 Soul of Flight and Giant Harpy Feather. Its detailed specification are 2.33 Time 72 Height 133 Speed.

How to make Angel wings in Terraria?

To craft Angel wings all you need is 10 Feather, 20 Soul of Flight, 25 Soul of Light. Its detailed specification are 1.67 Time 53 Height 108 Speed.

How to get Red wings in Terraria?

Red wings are the rare item in Terraria. Its a developer items means you have 5% chance to get it or it can be gotten by defeating the Boss in hardmode. Its detailed specification are 2.5 Time 77 Height 133 Speed.

How to get/make Demon wings in Terraria?

Demon wings need 10 Feather, 20 Soul of Flight, 25 Soul of Night to make. Its specifications are same as Angel wings.