Terraria world map editor is one of the most awaited item for Terraria fans. With the help of map editor you can create the world as per you like. This means you can move or add or delete items and parts as you want.

So today we will look at the Terraria map editor with mods, how to use it, troubleshooting and how to get most from it.

How to install/use Terraria world map editor?

First you need to download the map editor. You can download this by the below link. It is .zip file you can use any file extractor to extract the folder. Before you install it check the minimum requirements to work it.

It is recommended to take the back of your game before you proceed to any installation.

Download Terraria World Map editor

App NameTedit
App Size3.20 Mb
CompatibilityTerraria 1.4.1
PlateformWindows (32/64 bit)
Last Updated05/02/2023

Requirements for Terraria world map editor

  • Your PC should be on Latest .Net Framework. You can download the latest .net framework from Microsoft’s official site for free.
  • The latest version of DirectX. The same can be found on Microsoft’s official site.
  • Latest graphic drivers. Make sure you are not using outdated or beta drivers.
  • Make sure you are using Terraria Steam version.

Just install .exe file as we install any other software. After installing it you can check it in Steam folder in Drive C for 32 bit and 64 bit Windows as well. To start the editor you can check under All Programs in the Start Menu, under TEdit or you can double click on TEditXna.exe in the folder where you installed the map editor.

When you will open the map editor you will find the tool bar on the left hand side. It consist of tons of options. You will get tools like Arrow tool, Selection tool, Picker tool, Pencil tool, Brush tool, Fill tool, Point tool, Sprite placer tool and Morph tool. Play around these tools for a while this will help you to crate Terraria world.

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You can use these shortcuts:

download terraria map editor

You will find all general options like open the file, save, save as, edit etc. You can also enable the auto save option when you are creating your world.

Download Terraria World Map editor Beta Version

If you wish you can download Beta version of map editor. For those who does not know the difference between beta version and stable version:

In stable software release you are find all things working perfect. No lag or any other error in stable version as it releases for public.

On the other hand in Beta version which is not released for public, you get the chance to test new features. So it is not the final release you may find some bugs. It doesn’t mean it is not usable. It works well but you may find some errors.

The good thing is you can download and test the new features of beta version now. If you wish you can provide your feedback to the developers to improve the software further.

Just download Terraria World map editor beta file from the below link:

Terraria World/Map editor FAQs

1. I am unable to run the Terraria world Map viewer.

* After clicking to the .exe file or from the start menu if program is not running then make sure your antivirus is not blocking it. You can check it by going to Task manager. If you are still facing the problem make sure you are fulfilling the minimum requirement to run this.

2. Blank window after running latest world Map viewer mod.

* If you are facing this problem then uninstall the software. Restart you PC and then install the Map viewer again. This should solve your problem.

3. How to replace all blocks with other blocks with Terraria world map editor?

* To replace all blocks in Terraria with the help of world editor is easy. With the help of Brush too you can achieve this. All you need to select the item from Paint Mode Tray then set the width and height to maximum. Zoom out your world and with the help of brush tool paint the world as you want.

4. How to add a world in Terraria world map editor?

* You need just one step to add a world in world editor. Find Terraria game folder by default it will under Documents then My Games then open the Terraria folder. You will see world folder in it. Go back to world editor go to file then open and select the world you want to edit.