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The Law Office of Sandra Eastwood Personal injury attorney Corpus Christi US

The Law Office of Sandra Eastwood is a Personal injury attorney in Corpus Christi US. It’s complete address is THIS BUSINESS IS OPEN, 5262 S Staples St #100, Corpus Christi, TX 78411 near location THIS BUSINESS IS OPEN, 5262 S Staples St #100. It has 36 public reviews, from which 32 are five star and overall 4.6 rating out of 5. Here are all the important details such as operational hours, address, direction, contact details and rating about this business.

The Law Office of Sandra Eastwood Opening Hours

Here is the information about working hours:

  • Thursday,:9AM to 5PM
  • Friday,: 9AM to 5PM
  • Saturday,: Closed
  • Sunday,: Closed
  • Monday,: 9AM to 5PM
  • Tuesday,: 9AM to 5PM
  • Wednesday,: 9AM to 5PM

Contact Details

Below you will find the contact information.

Phone Number: (361) 688-4900


The Law Office of Sandra Eastwood Map location Address

The complete address and map location of  this business:

THIS BUSINESS IS OPEN, 5262 S Staples St #100, Corpus Christi, TX 78411

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Near Location: THIS BUSINESS IS OPEN, 5262 S Staples St #100

Services Offered 

All the services offered by The Law Office of Sandra Eastwood are mentioned down below.

Personal injury attorney

Criminal justice attorney

Law firm



  • 5 stars: 32
  • 4 stars: 1
  • 3 stars: 0
  • 2 stars: 0
  • 1 stars: 3
Overall Ratings: 4.6

Public Reviews

Here is what people saying about this business:

Margareta Fratila : I know Ms.Sandra Eastwood, Attorney, since she came to Corpus Christi, TX on 90’s, getting a job as a Prosecutor with the DA Office..She is an Amazing Attorney and her fairness and researches on her cases gave her the admiration of the entire country on high profile cases she worked on..
She is now on Private practice, where I was watching her many times in the court cases.
I highly recommend her in any Criminal and Family cases if you need a dedicated Attorney who was “not born with the diver spoon in her mouth”.. but working hard for her living and her clients justice!
She is raising as a Single Mother a very fine son, who is an Honor Student All way through his school..
Thank you Ms.SANDRA for all you do in this community. May God Bless you!


Sandi Hoot : I hired Sandra in 2014 she is a very professional, kind and caring Attorney. I never had to ask what was happing in my case because she kept me very informed and updated. I am beyond happy with the outcome! Not only is she an amazing Attorney but also a great friend!


Rodrigo Horvat : This lady had my back through the entire process. I’m glad I hired Sandra Eastwood of Corpus Christi! She gets 5 stars from me and my familia! Best Criminal Attorney in Texas!


Angelina Giovinazzi : This lady hid exculpatory evidence in the Overton case. Appalling and disgusting and a complete and utter abuse of her Authority as a prosecutor. The only reason why I gave her any stars was because I had to give her at least one just to leave the review!!!


jon guerra : Sandra is such an amazing and compassionate person and her professionalism as an attorney is outstanding!


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